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Where do you ship?

We ship within the continental United States only.

What shipping service do you use?

Live animals are shipped FedEx Priority overnight shipping. All other merchandise will be shipped USPS.

When will my chameleon ship?

Ship dates will depend heavily upon weather conditions from our home to yours.  We will check temperatures and forecasts at all hubs, departure and arrival points.  We reserve the right to delay shipping when the safety of the animal could be affected.  

Do I need to be home to receive my chameleon?

YES!!  Someone must be home to accept delivery.  FedEx overnight will deliver your chameleon by 10:30 am the next morning (in most cases) If you cannot be there, you need to make arrangements with us to have him/her delivered to the nearest FedEx hub which we can help you locate.  If you are unsure, we should reschedule delivery to another day.  You new baby is too precious to take chances on.

Why is shipping so expensive?

Your new friend will only be shipped via FedEx Priority overnight.  This will ensure your new guy or gal will be to you as soon as possible and spend as little time in the box.  Shipping charges also include the price of the required insulated boxes as well as heat/cool packs.

We always drop outgoing shipments off directly at the hub right before it closes.  Many times your new pet will only be in the box for 12-14 hours, in which they go to sleep and get in a good night's rest.

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