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Palm Trees and Faded Sky

Our Chameleons

Our care and profession is reflected on our colors.

We love having the opportunity to bring life into this world, and it is our passion to make sure we give these beautiful animals a home they will prosper in!

These are a look at our camp. You can purchase our hatchlings inheriting from their features. 

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"Sunbathing alpha female."

Sasha is a fierce Red Body Blue Bar (RBBB) panther chameleon. She relishes soaking in the Florida sun and has a talent for blending into the leaves. She's often referred to as an alpha female.


"Radiates a fiery presence."

Fuego, the son of Voodoo, also inherits the Red Body Blue Bar (RBBB) lineage. He closely resembles his father and radiates a fiery presence. Fuego's diet primarily consists of crickets, much like his fiery disposition.

chameleons for sale near me
chameleons for sale near me


"Easter is a big girl and hails from the NosyBe lineage."

Easter's father has a bright Crayola scion. She's known for her high curiosity, love for exploration, and enjoys being hand-fed, as well as spending time outside her terrarium.


"Zesty Yello Body BLue Bar chameleon."

A sweet and gentle panther chameleon with a lineage of Yellow Body Blue Bar (YBBB). Citrus is an active hunter who has a fondness for crickets.

chameleons for sale near me
chameleons for sale near me


"As red as a strawberry!"

Strawberry is a Red Body Blue Bar (RBBB) panther chameleon. Although she's one of the smaller chameleons, she possesses a vibrant personality and has a preference for hornworms.



"Little Miss Wallflower"

Esmeralda is a female nose-be. She is very shy and prefers to hide in her cage more than anything. She loves hunting for crickets and eating her superworms. As of now she only breeds with Benjamin being these are our only two nose-be's.

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"Hunting for the right one"

Missy is an alpha female, and she was purchased at five months old. She is absolutely stunning. Missy is a full bred ambilobe chameleon, and her father has a very unique blue and red pattern. I am very excited to see what colors her babies will inhibit. She loves hunting for crickets and basking in the sun.



"Size doesn't matter, but it helps"

Godzilla is our biggest chameleon. He is a full bred amibole chameleon, and he was purchased at four months old. This Yellow Body Blue bar (YBBB) is very unique. His colors are constantly changing. We call him our rainbow because one day he's yellow, the next day he is green, and then the following day he is red. He was extremely shy, but with consistent work, he is very friendly. He loves indulging in the sun and being hand fed superworms.

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"239 Chameleon's sweetheart"

Isabella is approximately two years old and is a female panther ambilobe. She is so sweet and formed such an amazing bond with us. She can melt your heart with her adorable eyes. Our first clutch came from Voodoo and Isabella, what vibrant hatchlings they have!

Mr. Bean

Mr. Bean

"The O.G. of the camp!"

Mr. Bean was the first chameleon I ever owned. I purchased him when he was twomonths old. He is a veiled chameleon and he is very green! When taken outside, he has these beautiful yellow bars and blue dots throughout his body. He is very friendly and loves to be handled. Mr. Bean enjoys exploring and relaxing on a nice tree.

panther chameleon for sale
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